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Just a quick note to explain why I haven’t updated this blog in a while. It’s been a whirlwind past few months with a build up to a pretty awesome conclusion.

It all started with my house-mate being made redundant thus leading to a very quick decision that we both needed to vacate the apartment, her for the obvious lack of income and me for the fact that I wouldn’t need to be living there for much longer anyway (more to come on that.) This meant a very busy few weeks of packing up our entire lives and progressively moving it all out of the apartment we were living in and into the new housing arrangements we each had.

That was followed by, for me, a resignation from my job while a plentiful 7 week notice (because I’m just awesome). Then a co-worker going on an extended holiday which I was covering for at work. This caused my work load to be substantially larger than what it had been as well as making sure I was training new people for my position and making sure everything was going to be fine for when I leave.

This was all leading to the ultimate outcome which will occur on the 22nd July………………I am packing up my life, boarding a plane and moving from Australia to Canada for a couple of years! Yep, I was approved for a 2 year working/holiday visa so I have decided to jump into the adventure and see where it takes me. This has essentially caused me to be extremely busy making sure everything was in order and left me little time to watch movies and update this page.

As I’ve had a few hours today spare I figured I should write this brief explanation and follow it up with a few posts. So apologies for the absence and I hope that I will be able to get back on track and start posting a bit more regularly again.