And today’s topic is:

April 8th – A film that you can quote a line from

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So obviously I was a bit too busy to post over the weekend, damn that social life of mine, which means I have to do a three day catch up again.

5th April- A film that reminds you of someone
6th April- A film that reminds you of a certain event
7th April- A film with your favourite soundtrack

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And the daily question is……

4th April – A film that makes you happy


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Yes I know I am supposed to do a post every day, but I did come into this 3 days late so this first post has to do a bit of a catch up. Anyway, enough rambling, the topics for the first 3 days of April are:

1st April – Your favourite film

2nd April – Your least favourite film

3rd April – A film that makes you sad

Answers after the break. Oh and free to add your own answers in the comments.
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challenge-acceptedSo I was browsing that wondrous place of internet land today and stumbled across a variety of month long blog challenges. Naturally I decided I needed to have some fun and participate in at least one of them.
This of course was aided by the fact that I found the perfect one to start with: The 30 Day Movie Challenge

The rules are easy enough, all I’m required to do is post once a day with the answer to each of the below questions. The biggest test for me will be to see if I can complete the month.

Day 1- Your favorite film
Day 2- Your least favorite film
Day 3- A film that makes you sad
Day 4- A film that makes you happy
Day 5- A film that reminds you of someone
Day 6- A film that reminds you of a certain event
Day 7- A film with your favorite soundtrack
Day 8- A film that you can quote a line from
Day 9- The best documentary film
Day 10- A film from your favorite Director
Day 11- The best sports film
Day 12- A film with your favorite actor/actress
Day 13- A film with your least favorite actor/actress
Day 14- A film that you used to love but now hate
Day 15- The best horror film
Day 16- A film that you totally didn’t “get”
Day 17- The most beautiful scene in any film
Day 18- The worst script in any film
Day 19- The first film you saw in a theater
Day 20- The best political film
Day 21- The film that not only changed the way you saw cinema, but the way you saw the world
Day 22- The film you should like, but don’t
Day 23- The funniest film you’ve ever seen
Day 24- Your “guilty pleasure” film
Day 25- The film that makes you want to be a filmmaker
Day 26- The film that should have never had a sequel
Day 27- A film from your childhood
Day 28- Your “perfect date” film
Day 29- A film that you will never tire of
Day 30- The “smartest” film you’ve seen

Feel free to join in the challenge and comment on each entry with your answer.


Space WarriorsDirector: Sean McNamara
Writers: Jeff Phillips (screenplay), Sean McNamara (screenplay), Ronald Bass (screenplay), Stan Chervin (screenplay) & Jim Strain (screenplay)
Stars: Dermot Mulroney, Mira Sorvino, Josh Lucas

Trailer: Click Here           IMDB Link: Click Here   

If you were an 80’s kid like me, you will hopefully have seen an awesome movie called Space Camp. If you didn’t, then feel free to track it down and have a moment of nostalgia as it is a really fun movie. Anyway, the reason I brought it up is because Space Warriors is essentially a modern day version.
A bunch of young kids, all top of their field, from various walks of life, are grouped together at Space Camp to train for the next generation of astronauts. Fun, trouble and craziness of course occurs (with a little romance thrown in for good measure) and it combines together to make a silly but fun family film that I’m sure aims to re-ignite the fascination of space adventure in modern day kids.

Reasons to Watch: For a feel good family movie……that totally has robots, rockets and some astronauts!

Review: 2.5/5

AfterDirector: Ryan Smith
Writers: Jason Parish, Ryan Smith
Stars: Steven Strait, Karolina Wydra, Madison Lintz

Trailer: Click Here           IMDB Link: Click Here   

Please Note: The Following May Contain Spoilers (But I Tried Hard Not To)

This is the story of two strangers, who happened to grow up in the same small town, meeting randomly on a bus ride and are ultimately involved in an accident. They both wake up afterwards to discover that the whole town is deserted and surrounded by a thick black fog that is slowly creeping closer and closer to engulf everything. The two strangers need to become friends and work together to figure out what has happened, what is hiding in the fog and how they can escape. Read the rest of this entry »