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utopiaCreator: Dennis Kelly
Stars: Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Alexandra Roach, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Neil Maskell

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Please Note: The Following May Contain Spoilers (But I Tried Hard Not To)

Utopia is a 6 part TV series from the UK, produced and aired last year and honestly one of the greatest TV shows I have ever watched.

The general storyline revolves around a graphic novel that has been written called Utopia. It isn’t wildly known, yet has a strong following by a small group of fans. It comes to light that there is a manuscript out there for part 2 which some pretty terrifying guys are looking for. A select few Utopia fans get caught up in the hunt under the guidance (or misguidance) of Jessica Hyde. They are immersed in a web of deception, torture, violence, corruption and outright weirdness all on the path of finding the manuscript and figuring out the puzzle that is Utopia. (more…)


This is a recap NOT a review so here’s the obligatory SPOILER ALERT note.

So I’m 21 episodes into Revenge and I’m still not sure if I am enjoying this show or not. Oh sorry I should have given you some sort of warning before I said that right? If you’re anything like most of my friends you are probably judging me very harshly right now but don’t let that deter you from reading. I do enjoy moments of the show I just don’t get as excited about it as I do others.

Anyway, lets talk about this episode. (more…)

I love that the second episode opened with a random pub fight (there was NO explanation at all as to why that happened btw), followed buy some topless women and a drunken riverside party. If there were any doubts that this was a rough & tough bikie show (ummm non here but thanks for checking) there definitely wasn’t after that.

So we are only 2 episodes in and already the tensions between the key players are becoming extremely evident. Caesar Campbell & his brothers Chopper, Bull & Shadow have joined the Comancheros and Jock appears to now be having trouble maintaining his dominance over the group with the strong-willed Campbell brothers in the mix stirring things up. (more…)

This is a recap NOT a review so here’s the obligatory SPOILER ALERT note.

Yes I am completely aware that I haven’t reviewed a single other Gossip Girl episode and starting with the season 5 finale is probably a bit strange but hey, deal with it!

I will just assume that you, sweet reader, have some knowledge of the show and the previous 23 episodes of season 5 and therefore I will skip the re-cap and start right in.
As we know the ‘real’ Gossip Girl is back (woo hoo about freaking time) and she has Blair’s diary pages which she is slowing leaking to the world. She of course got these from Miss Serena who was all mad because Blair is now dating Dan and stole the diaries to have them ‘just in case’ she wanted to plan revenge (more…)

I don’t know what it is about us Australians, but we are fascinated about horrible moments in history and have a habit of putting them onto film. Proof of this is the film Chopper and the three series of Underbelly.
So what was next for the loyal tv viewers? Bikie Wars!! In my opinion there probably could have been a better name for the show, but it is fitting considering the context.
‘Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms’ is based on the actual Milperra Massacre which occurred on September 2nd (Fathers Day) 1984. This was the ‘war’ between two opposing bikie gangs which finally came to climax and resulted in 7 people dead. However, this series aims to show us (the viewer) not just the result but the lead up to the end and why it went the way it did.

I guess I should add SPOILER ALERT for those you haven’t watched, but it is a historic event so I’m not sure how much I’m actually spoiling, anyway it’s added for good measure. (more…)