the-appearing-2013-movie-posterDirector: Daric Gates
Writers: Daric Gates, Matthew J. Ryan
Stars: Will Wallace, Dean Cain, Don Swayze, Emily Brooks

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Please Note: The Following May Contain Spoilers (But I Tried Hard Not To)

The Appearing is the story of a couple, Michael (Will Wallace) & Rachel (Emily Brooks), who move to a small town in the middle of nowhere after the death of their daughter a few months prior. Michael takes on his roll as the new police deputy in town and is instantly caught up in a missing person case. That is quickly followed by the only suspect speaking in dead languages, the appearance of a ghost child that only the wife can see and of course a creepy abandoned house which is, according to the locals, haunted since a horrific death there years early. With the husband distracted by his work, he fails to notice that his wife has been acting more distant and rather strange until one particular violent episode reveals the true culprit behind it all, demon possession. All of the plot points do make for a good, if not very original, horror film. The question is, as always, did it deliver?

If you plan to watch the Appearing, brace yourself for an extremely slow and somewhat confusing beginning. While the pace does pick up at some point, the story itself still continues to stumble along not making much sense and trying very hard to be full of twists and surprises which are so obvious that it’s almost laughable.
Then there is the over-acting…! I mean the opening 5 minutes in itself is just full of some of the greatestposter_Poyavlenie__The_Appearing_(2014)_HDRip_ot_Kinoray__ overacting I have ever seen which completely ruins any chance of the sequence being scary or shocking as it is clearly supposed to be. Instead you find yourself laughing at how ridiculous some of the characters are and wishing that the script was better which would have possibly helped the situation. Throughout the rest of the film it varies with some characters being quite realistic and good on screen and others just going through the motions and creating a very non-believable atmosphere when they are in a scene. It was very disappointing as the demon possession storyline works so well in horror films that even though it can be looked upon as being overdone, it is still a great contender for scary moments and interesting plot twists which The Appearing was definitely lacking.

There was also my favourite weird thing that this movie contained…they used the Psycho house as the random appearinghousecreepy house in the town. That’s right, the original Psycho house, one of the most iconic houses in horror movie history and they used that as the setting for the haunted house in some random low budget film. I’m sorry, if they thought that using a famous landmark would help they were sadly mistaken, the house just looked really out of place and I was constantly expecting to see the shadow of Norman Bates’ mother in the window.

Okay, I can’t be negative about the whole movie, there is one decidedly great thing present and completely made my viewing worthwhile. While the character of Rachel was very plain and completely dull to watch on screen, the moment she became possessed her whole presence stepped up the game about 200% with A6sBirNsome really fantastic acting and scene work from Emily Brooks. It gave the whole film a much better atmosphere and those scenes were actually enjoyable to watch and gave you a real sense of how the whole movie should have been. I wish there had have been more moments throughout but what there was absolutely stole the show.

Now normally I wouldn’t discuss an ending in these reviews and I’ll try my best not to spoil anything but there was this great conclusion and a brief look into how things were going to be after the possession and craziness that had happened. It was a nice way to wrap up the kind of film it was and then……………bam! They added in this random little extra story piece that while relevant to the entire plot did nothing for the film and caused one character to do a complete change in personality which let me feeling confused and annoyed all over again.

Reasons to Watch: Ummm because you’re bored?? I really don’t have any good reasons for this one

Review: 1/5

These are my views and opinions and are shared for entertainment purposes only. Happy watching :)


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