speak-no-evil-2013Director: Roze
Writers: Roze
Stars: Greg Bronson, Annalise Cavender, Elisabeth Cavender

Trailer: Click Here           IMDB Link: Click Here   

Please Note: The Following May Contain Spoilers (But I Tried Hard Not To)

Alright so let me lay it out for you. Speak no Evil starts off as a film about a woman whose daughter is kidnapped by a weird creature in the middle of the night. It then transforms into a story about all of the towns children going missing only to be returned possessed, violent and extremely into the taste of human flesh. The church/cult/extreme religious wing manages to get all of the towns folk on board to essentially rid the children of this demon spawn by any means possible. Bring on creepy kids, lots of screaming a shit ton of blood and a demon dude that is actually impressively scary looking. So would I recommend this film to others? Well…….

This actually wasn’t a bad little watch as long as you keep in mind that it isn’t a big budget blockbuster and it is a low budget ($150,000 approx) direct to video product with acting that isn’t always the best. If you are a seasoned DTV horror film watcher like I am (browse this blog for the numerous others I’ve watched) then you will be no stranger to the quality and presentation of this film. However, if you aren’t like me and don’t watch a million and one random films (all for work I swear lol) then the trailer definitely doesn’t oversell and is in fact a great representation of the film as a whole.download

Having said all that I honestly wasn’t disappointed in what I watched. Yes there were elements which were a bit stagnant and irritating to watch, in particular the religious scenes of chanting and trying to ‘exorcise’ the demons. It just felt like such an overused and tired storyline with very unconvincing acting to the point that I didn’t for a second believe that these were actually religious figures that preached work of god and was completely aware that they were actors on set reading lines for a movie.speak no evil 2

The children made up for that though and provided the much needed creepy factor in this film. Yes possessed children are always a good sell in my book but the makeup, costumes and special effects (for the floating and possession scenes) were well presented and honestly who doesn’t love a good white eyed demon spawn child randomly appearing on the screen for a heart starting moment. Follow that up with deep demon voices coming out of their mouths or watching them attack and kill random adults is enough to turn you off parenthood forever, yet agree that Speak No Evil is a winner compared to a lot of its direct competition.

As I mentioned before, some of the acting was really below par, but Gabrielle Stone as the frantic mother Anna was the Speak-No-Evil-vomitshining star of the piece. Dealing with screaming children (oh wow SOOOOO much screaming in this film…..seriously, prepare your eardrums), weird ladies with cryptic clues and freaky outfits, dream/hallucination sequences and finding & rescuing her daughter she was a great presence on screen who was easy to relate to and great to watch throughout.

Reasons to Watch: Creepy kids being creepy and some decent effects with the demon.

Review: 2.5/5

These are my views and opinions and are shared for entertainment purposes only. Happy watching :)


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